Why hiring an international SEO agency

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) has become a dominant force in the world of web marketing and one that few companies can choose to ignore. The basics of how SEO functions can be gleaned from the myriad of articles and webinars that are available online. Such availability often tempts small businesses and even major companies into thinking that good SEO is something that can be done easily and cheaply by themselves. It is hard to say if, even in the earliest days of the search engine, this was ever true. However, if it was, it is certainly no longer the case.

This is why bringing in an international SEO agency for anything barring the smallest of online enterprises is a good idea. We’ve compiled a list of eight reason why the DIY approach should be ditched in favour of working with experienced professionals in order to take your business to the next level.

Reason 1
SEO is complicated

seo-strategySEO has rapidly increased in complexity in tandem with the growing sophistication of search engines as a whole. If you are looking to create an effective online marketing strategy, you need someone with detailed knowledge of how the algorithms employed by search engines are organising and ranking the data on your website. This is not something that can be worked out logically by an intern assigned to the task. As search engines become better and sorting the relevant from the chattel, the algorithms become more and more technical and the techniques involved become more esoteric.

Reason 2
Search engines keep changing

One the major challenges for understanding SEO is keeping up with its rapid development. For instance, Google regularly updates its search engines(on average every 1 year – 6 months). Some of these changes are minor while some have shifted the industry ground beneath us. But keeping up with the changes isn’t as simple as shooting Google an email to see what is new. The dominant search engine keeps notoriously tight-lipped about any changes it has made, in order to prevent people from developing ways to outsmart the ranking system. This means that much of what SEO professionals know about how Google works is retro-actively engineering information gleaned from painstaking analysis of changes to search engine rankings for the web as a whole.

Reason 3
SEO strategy needs regular reappraisal and readjustment

An effective SEO strategy is not something you can simply come up with in one group meeting, put into action and leave on the burner until some changes arise. There is no straight path to search engine success for your product or service. Understanding which strategy will effectively generate traffic best for you and your audience is a trial and error process that should be undertaken by someone with experience in gathering the right feedback and making the right alterations when necessary.

Reason 4
Knowing what the traffic means

There is a lot of jargon that comes with the world of search engine metrics. Bounce rates, Organic traffic, Crawl errors; learning what all the terms mean is a workload in itself. Understanding how they all come together to create a picture of your website’s SEO health status is another game altogether. Could you master some of it yourself? Certainly. Would it take you a shed-load of time to do so? Definitely. Could an SEO agency do a better job in a fraction of the time? That would be a yes.

Reason 5
Having the right tools and knowing how to use them

seo-toolsThere is now a truck-load of software out there designed to track and measure different kinds of traffic that will be vital to understanding how to create an effective SEO strategy for your company. Many of these metrics won’t be available on your basic Google Analytics account. That said, there is a lot of software that measure metrics that won’t help your company in any way. The problem is, they all cost money. Doing SEO in-house will mean purchasing this software yourself and you may very well waste a lot of money getting wrong ones. An good SEO agency should bring all these tools to the table as standard.

Reason 6
SEO, done correctly, has the best ROI in marketing

Investment in good SEO strategy has been shown to provide more dividends than investment in any other form of offline or online advertising. One of the reasons for this is that you are targeting people who are already actively searching for a service like yours. Other forms of advertising are essentially an attempt to garner attention while the potential customer is doing something else, like watching a TV show. With SEO, your customer is, to use the old car sales expression, ‘already on the lot’. It is now just a matter of getting them to choose your car as opposed to all the others.

With this kind of built in, ready-to-buy audience, companies can little afford to ignore the potential of an effective SEO strategy. This makes investment in a professional international SEO agency with a good reputation something of a must.