SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is one of the most important things that a website needs. SEO in the simplest terms is how search engines like Google, Bing and Yandex (the Russian search engine) are able to find websites that are relevant to the search terms you use. However, SEO is not that simple overall and has changed in order to be able to find better matches which are closer as possible to what the user expect to find when he starts to search on the search engine. These major changes have made SEO more difficult than in it was during the first decade of this century seo agency importanceSEO agency importance and important for websites than ever. The most famous and biggest search algorithm update that the most used search engine (Google) in the world did are called Google Penguin and Google Panda which changed heavily the way to rank a website. Due to these updates, more and more companies are starting to use an SEO agency to make sure that their websites and e-commerce reach the top of the SERP (search engine results page) with competitive keywords.

At the beginning, SEO was simply having target keywords in the title of the page, and the website address. This has changed since Google began to rank pages, to make searching simpler and faster. Actually, Google and other search engines use more than 200 factors in their algorithm for deciding where to rank a website.

This means that website and e-commerce owners need to take under control these factors. One of the most important factors can be considered how useful and unique the content. There are thousands of articles and guides to “how SEO works”, but for most people, SEO is just a huge headache. A web agency can help to optimize these 200 factors, among which build their content to be SEO friendly since many new and old website and e-commerce owners may not fully understand how SEO content is different from normal content.

Why is SEO so important for websites?

The use of an SEO agency can seem like an unneeded cost; however, it’s the most important one as you don’t have to forget that everything starts from search engines. Consequently, you should do all your best to rank as higher as possible with the correct competitive keywords that also convert visitors into clients.

But do not forget that ranking on the first page is a hard work. This means that the collaboration with an SEO agency has to be considered like an investment for the long-term.

Your Google ranking affects how many visitors that your website gets each day. If you are able to raise your website to the top 3 spots of the first page of the search results, the amount of clicks that you get can increase by up to a thousand percent.

Why is an SEO agency so important?

Having a high-rated website is important since a website is open 7 days a week, and nearly never closes, unlike a normal business. Even if your website is not a store, a website is an important piece of marketing. The cost of having the website online and good ranked on search engines should be one of your basic monthly costs. However, if your website is not having a lot of visitors due to bad rankings on search engines, the monthly fees are most likely not worth the cost. Due to the complexity to rank on the first page on Google, the cost of working with a web agency that is trained in SEO optimization and management can help increase your viewership which makes the overall cost of your website worth the SEO agency’s fees.

SEO pricing varies greatly from SEO agency to another, depending on the services that you want but most of all on which goals you want to reach. Each SEO agency has different fees and different solutions. Here in ADS-All Digital Strategy we suggest not to consider monthly fees that are under €500 (or $500), which can be considered not professional, as ranking on the first page is a complex work.

Also, each website has its own custom needs, and the SEO services should be tailored to those needs. What makes a big difference between a freelancer or a bad SEO agency from a good SEO agency is that the last one has a team of experts that work on your website and which constantly study to remain updated on the last news about search engines ranking and upcoming trends.

In case you are interested in increasing your website ranking on Google / Bing/ Yandex with competitive keywords, we in ADS will be happy to send you a bespoke proposal for optimizing your local or international search engine visibility.

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