Holiday Traffic Strategies

Traffic is important to every online business, but without a clear conversion strategy, you cannot succeed. While you might implement countless strategies on an everyday basis, holiday seasons offer unique opportunities to maximize revenue. Holiday seasons, particularly major ones like Christmas, Halloween, and Thanksgiving, can be used to capture the attention of people already in a buying frame of mind. The following methods can be used to draw attention to your site, increase sales or commissions, and grow your subscriber base.

Create an Event

To really make an impact, it is important to build an event around the holiday. Simply creating a small offer won’t be enough to capture the imagination. Instead, look to make an impression by adding prominent items to your site. Creating graphics for your header and background will be noticeable to new visitors, while also standing out to your regular subscribers. Creating a pop-up is a way to place your promotion clearly in front of people, but you could alternatively use floating graphics or banner ads.

Flash Sale

flash-sale-strategyA sale can almost always increase sales, but you need an excuse to hold the sale without it decreasing the perceived value of your product. A holiday is a perfect excuse as there will be many other sales going on during this period. A flash sale adds some scarcity to the offer, while also giving the impression that people have chanced upon a great deal. Scarcity is automatically integrated into a holiday sale, but you can also increase the desire to buy by adding a countdown timer to the offer.

Daily Offers

Creating daily offers is a good way to bring traffic back to your site. You could run this offer for a number of days before and after the holiday, making each individual deal available only for the one day. Providing a number of offers helps to create the feeling of an event, with people not wanting to miss out on a great deal. If you don’t have enough products to do this daily, consider partnering with other businesses as an affiliate.

Subscriber Bonus

It is not only sales that can be optimized during holidays. An email list is a valuable asset for any online business, so adding to your list can be a wise move. Offering a limited bonus will be enough to encourage registering, with the bonus being removed after the holiday period is over. A successful conversion tactic can be to immediately offer a product at a discounted price. After making a small commitment to join your list, conversions can often be high for a subsequent product sale.

Viral Giveaways

A viral giveaway allows you to broaden your influence within the niche. The giveaway could be an individual prize or something available to everyone, but it should ideally be something of a high perceived value. In order for a visitor to be entered into the prize draw or receive their gift, set up a viral plugin that requests they share the link among followers. You can even use software to increase the value of the prize based on how many social shares a person can provide.

Permanently holding discounts and sales can depreciate your brand and make subscribers jaded. However, the power of holding a sale cannot be ignored. To really make the most of a sale, they should be sporadic and have a point of reference.

Online Marketing Activities

Do not forget to plan minimum 1 month in advance the implementation of one or more activities and inform all the team about what will be executed for not missing any opportunity and revenue. Each digital area should analyse and plan a strategy order to gain the maximum visibility.
When ADS’s, international web agency, clients decide to take advantage of Holiday seasons for increasing traffic and revenue, the digital solutions that we recommend to get involved in are:
– Copywriting
– Design
– Search Engine Advertising & PPC
– Email Marketing
– Social Media Marketing
– Development – Optimized Landing pages
– Digital PR

After Holiday Season

In case you have missed the timing for planning and executing¬† Holiday Season Campaign, or the Return on Investment has been less than expected, consider the opportunity to run a specific “After Holiday” campaign. We will dedicate a specific post on how to take the most from “After Holiday” campaigns.

Final Words

Holiday seasons offer the perfect excuse as they are infrequent and renowned for their sales. Plan your event in advance, create an enticing sale, and watch the impact it will have on your business.