Essential to the development of a successful website is a well tied team of digital professionals to help you grow your business online.

No business can go without a website and when it comes to create the one that fits your company we know that there are many options to take into account. Hiring a web agency can be the right solution for you to have everything under control and be sure to give the task to those who have the knowledge and experience to carry it out.

It is not up to many people to know how to handle a web project effectively, so in order to help you understand which skills are required for setting up a website, we crafted a list of the 5 key digital professionals you need to make the most from website development.

Key digital professionals: infographic

digital professionals

Web Developer

Starting up any website requires great web development. Web Developers program and plan the structure of your website working on both Server and Client side architecture with expertise in HTML, JS, PHP and CSS coding languages.

Graphic Designer

Making a website visually attractive and entertaining is extremely important. The job of a Graphic Designer is to design the graphics of your website for a strong recognizable visual identity and great user experience.

SEO Specialist

Website up and running but how to make it rank? A SEO specialist works to make your website reach the top of results in search engines by finding the right keywords, optimizing web content and keeping track of web performances.

Content Manager

Updating contents and creating new ones are the activities to boost your website performance. The Content Manager plans a customized content strategy with the most useful digital channels in order to attract new clients.

Link Building Specialist

Quality link building is necessary to acquire reliability and awareness for your website. Link Building Specialists help you develop and implement strategies to drive traffic to your website through links, growing the reach of your activities.