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Mobile and App users increase year by year. From small businesses to big companies all of them should develop a personalized mobile App

Due to worldwide Smartphones penetration, ADS helps companies to become as digital as possible by developing usable, useful and revenue generating mobile applications.

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Here is what ADS brings into each mobile application development project:

Operating Systems

Due to our development expertise, ADS will develop native mobile applications for smartphones and tablets in the following operating systems; android, iOS and Windows Phone.

Custom Design

According to your needs and goals, we will design a personalized application. We develop usable applications that will be helpful to win the competition battle.

Push Notifications

Our app developers support push notifications to all devices triggered by user’s settings and administrator scheduling. This basic feature allows you to send information and messages to users without being considered spam.

Location Based Services

We provide GPS app development. This allows you to manage and send tailored messages to users according to their geographical position. Useful feature that helps to engage better with your customers.

ASO – App Search Optimization

We do not only develop or redesign apps, but we also perform ASO (App Search Optimization) consultancies, in a way that your app will reach as soon as possible the desired goals.

International App

With a unique digital partner, you will be able to penetrate more countries, thanks to our specific market knowledge and customer behavior. According to your needs and goals, we can develop your app in the following languages: English, German, Italian, Spanish, French and Russian.






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Common mistake is thinking that just by developing an application and launching it, it will be possible to reach the desired goals and revenue. Due to increasing app development and competition, ADS highly recommends to develop and perform an ongoing application search optimization (ASO) activity!


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