Facebook has changed the world. With over 2 billion daily active users (according to Statista Report), it is definitely the Social Network, the only platform able to engage with many users simultaneously. That’s why both people and business companies  like using Facebook. Marketing on Facebook has a viral effect, with information that spread through networks exponentially. A Facebook business page helps a business in growing and reaching out to a new customer base.

Facebook has really transformed the way people communicate and promote their business. Some users think that just simply have a page or a group on Facebook is enough for the company. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact an improper use of a Facebook Page is more disadvantageous than not having a page on the social network.  It is important relying upon web marketing professionals for your Facebook Business activities, such as a digital web agency.

But what about the benefits of Facebook for your business?

Let’s see now some of the the real benefits of Facebook for increasing your business:

Custom-targeted audience

Facebook can teach you about your target audience in order to build advertising campaigns. Facebook Insight helps you in understanding your target market (gender, age, education,interests) to customize your updates and posts specifically for them.

User Interaction

A Facebook Fan Page or a group helps you to learn more about your customers/potential clients. Comments and posts give you the opportunity to communicate directly with your target audience, through feedback and conversations.

Increase Your Followers

Facebook allows you to draw users to your page and increase your followers. All you need to do is create relevant content in order to generate engagement. A successful content will help you in developing a loyal fan base for your business on Facebook.

More traffic on your website

Your Facebook Page helps you to get more traffic on your website. You can add links with your web address in several places on your page :“about you” tab, “call to action” tab or links on your posts. Followers will check out your web page, which will lead more actions and better results (more traffic- more sales-business growth).

Best SEO performance

Search Engine Optimization is fundamental for every web site,his presence and his authority on Internet. Your Facebook Page for business can help you to achieve best search engine rankings, through your Page posts and links,  indexed by search engines.


Brand awareness

Facebook advertising allows you to build brand awareness.  It is a great way to make people aware of what you have to offer.The more familiar people are with your brand, the more likely they will purchase your products when it is time to make a decision.


Save money

Facebook advertising is budget-friendly. You can set a daily or lifetime budget. You can easily increase or decrease it at any time. If you can get Facebook advertising to work for your business, it will likely decrease your acquisition costs.


There are plenty of different reasons why your business needs Facebook. For sure is that it’s a great opportunity to reach your audience in its favourite environment, showing your business in a way that people can relate to. In addition it will improve your website SEO rankings and visibility. That’s the great power of Facebook for your business.