Social Media Agency – How to Pinterest

With its continuously changing feed of images, Pinterest is a remarkable social media site that is becoming increasingly popular as more people discover the charms of curating their own Pinterest boards that suit their interests, hobbies, and more. Moreover, the social aspect of the site allows Pinterest users to share images and information making this an incredibly useful site just as it is an entertaining one. Due to its popularity many companies included Pinterest in their social media marketing plan and optimize, together with their web agency, all digital activities to get in contact with its potential customers.

Here are some interesting tips that all companies should pay attention to avoid mistakes and a basic guide how to optimize Pinterest:

Pinterest Ins and Outs

pinterest-for-businessOnce you sign up for Pinterest, you are allowed to create up to two hundred boards. Each board may contain literally hundreds of pins that represent images. By clicking on the images, you’ll eventually (within a couple clicks) be taken to that pin’s original site. So if it’s a cute pair of shoes, you’ll click right to the vendor or where the image was originally pinned from. You can pin pins on Pinterest and you can also pin items that you find anywhere on the internet to the pin board of your choice.

Set Up Your Pin Boards

While Pinterest gives you some default boards, you can change their titles and add hundreds of boards. Many pinners will set up boards for recipes, household tips, style ideas, kids stuff, and more. However, you might want a board to reflect your love for miniatures or gardening. You may want a few boards to help you sort items for work. You can use your pin boards like a virtual file cabinet. You can even set up private boards for personal interests of for pinning Christmas gift ideas.

Find Useful and Interesting Pins

Once you set up your boards, and you can add more as you go, you can pin items to it. If you discover a great recipe on another site, you can pin it to your recipe board so you’ll be able to find it again within a couple clicks. It’s fun to pin what others have pinned and it’s also convenient to be able to pin from other websites.

Follow Like-Minded People

Once you begin to follow other people whose pins you admire, you’ll fill your feed with the items they pin daily. In this way your feed is ever-changing and you’ll be exposed to great pins each day. You’ll be inspired at the way other people use Pinterest personally as well as professionally. There is so much to see and do when you browse Pinterest. You’ll learn so much and enjoy the experience. The problem is–it’s hard to get off the site as it’s so utterly addicting!

What should companies Pin

Many times companies asks to social media agency: what should they Pin? Below ADS-All Digital Strategy gives you 10 tips on what companies could and should Pin:

  1. Company logo
  2. Product images
  3. Website images
  4. Client logos
  5. Office photo
  6. Team at work photos
  7. Personas
  8. Surrounding photos
  9. Working instruments
  10. Videos, Presentations, Audio, Webinars

How to use Pinterest for SEO

Social Media and SEO go hand in hand and Pinterest is no exception. Below some tips on how companies should optimize Pinterest for SEO purpose:

  • Optimize company username
  • Optimize the “About” section
  • Include links back to your website
  • Differentiate your inboards
  • Use your pins’ descriptions wisely
  • Make sure the images you pin have descriptive file names and alt text
  • Incorporate hashtags

All you need to do now is to start to engage on Pinterest with your potential clients and never forget to plan, by yourself or together with your web agency, your activity on Pinterest.