Social Media Marketing

The use of Social Media has become a very important part of any Digital Marketing project, carving out an ever larger space for itself, much like the increasingly important use of search engine optimization.

Although social media are born with different aims in mind, Social Media Marketing has only a few common objectives: to maintain contact with customers through optimized social interaction, to get to know new customers, to create new business contacts and to keep existing ones.

Given the large amount of time spent on these websites, companies have begun to use these channels even for complex activities such as Customer Service.

In today’s reality, companies must be adept at integrating themselves and interacting with their clientele, as well as making contact with new users and buyers.

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Optimal use of Social Media will:

  • Improve Brand Reputation;
  • Increase the number of potential customers;
  • Increase interaction with customers;
  • Increase the visit to sale conversion rate.

Social Media channels, if used alone, may not lead to the reaching of set goals For this reason, they are accompanied by other digital activities, such as: Email Marketing, to create customer loyalty among those who follow the company on social media, Buzz Marketing and Web Reputation, to make users aware of the fact that that they can follow your Brand on social media. Finally, the use of Social Media is important in sustaining Link Building activities.

For every marketing campaign, it is important to set clear and achievable goals, as well as ensuring a continuous monitoring system.

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