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Any chance of contact is a business opportunity, especially in the internet marketing business; the Email Marketing is the activity with the best Return on Investment.

At ADS-All Digital Strategy, we help our clients to plan and execute an effective Email Marketing Strategy, to improve and optimize the relationship with your customers.

An Email Marketing consultancy involves the following steps: starting with an analysis of the marketplace and contact database, then defining the optimal strategy to implement the campaign execution and increase of the starting database, and finally a monthly report with suggestions on how to optimize the Email Marketing strategy.

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Main benefits and objectives of Email Marketing Campaign

  • Strengthen consumer brand loyalty by sending regular newsletters with customized content according to the target and frequency of interaction
  • Rapidly increase online sales by personalizing Email content
  • Opportunity to activate cross-selling and up-selling through Newsletter and specific Email campaigns
  • Cross-Channel opportunity through Social sharing and SMS Mobile
  • Optimize clients contact with personalized Email, depending on different factors as: interactions, sells, client typology, holidays and many more

Email marketing, combined with other digital marketing activities, can help to optimize the Search Engine Optimization activity, facilitate the task of link building, retaining contacts through social media marketing, or buzz marketing. Finally, the reputation can benefit from email marketing campaigns, reinforcing the brand image.

If you are searching for a web agency, able to show the real power, value and importance of the Email Marketing, then at the All Digital Strategy you have found your ideal partner. Thanks to a professional team with more than 10 years of experience, the All Digital Strategy is the perfect partner for helping you to plan, manage and execute any kind of Email Marketing activity: newsletter, email campaigns, increase of Email database, interaction with your clients through specific emails, cross-selling and up-selling.

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