Buzz Marketing

Often overlooked in Digital Projects, the Buzz Marketing is a basic activity that all websites and Brands should implement and activate in their Digital Marketing Plan, due to the big PROS that such activity can bring.

First of all: a strong BRAND IMAGE.

Through a positive Brand image, users will increase their confidence into a website and brand, with greater willingness to buy.

Such activity requests a continuous monitoring of the Web and presence to know:

  • Where the users speak about a specific product or service
  • Where the users speak in a positive or negative way, about a Brand or product or service
  • How to post on websites, Blogs and Forums

A must will be the mastery of the language, as well as the users behaviour, and where the users spend their time to find information before the starting the buying process.

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PROS of the Buzz Marketing

  • Increasing confidence of users to a product, service or brand
  • Create the need for users to a product or service
  • Increase online sales
  • Optimize the conversations

Thanks to our professional team, All Digital Strategy meets the requirements outlined above, in order to satisfy even the most demanding client.

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