About Us

We know what You need.

We are first of all international web users. We use the web in our job but also in our everyday life, we buy books online, shoes, contact lenses, we book flights, ferries and hotels (some of us even organized their honeymoon online). We are web users, just like you and your online customers, and probably we are among them. It is thanks to our experience as users that we know how important the web has become, in our everyday lives, in our businesses, in your business.

We speak different languages.

We are an international team. We are both users and professionals from Italy, Germany, UK and Russia. How do we know each other? We are professionals grown up in international environments, we studied/worked/lived outside our native Countries and finally we joined together in ADS-All Digital Strategy.

We know how to do.

We are professionals and digital experts. We know local behavior and best practices, in each language and Country, necessary to give to the users all they need and so, we are the connection point between users’ and your needs and goals. We work in marketing and digital marketing since more than 12 years, in SMBs and in big international firms. For both of them, we know all their strengths and weaknesses on the web.

We are partners.

We like to understand together with you which are your objectives and needs and those of your users and customers. We like to decide together with you what to do and which are the optimal solutions for reaching your goals. We like to share with you our progresses made working together. We like to celebrate with you the success achieved together.

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